Daily Self Monitoring Log of Success

It is often very hard to keep up your motivation in treatment.  Sometimes you may be doing well, but the work is so hard, you are not even aware of your success.  The Daily Self Monitoring Log of Success found in Chapter 8 is a tool to help you combat this.  It is important to remember that initially success is less about how you feel and more about you actually doing the homework.  Behavioral change will take place before feeling better.  The Daily Self Monitoring Log of Success is similar to the Daily Self Monitoring form you filled out when you were evaluating your OCD.  The first two columns have the time and date for the Event.  The event is where you record the exposure that took place and whether or not it was planned or just a part of living.  The next column is for recording how you responded to the event.  If you have contamination fears and accidentally touched something dirty, did you respond by doing more exposure? Did you engage in response prevention?  If this was a planned contamination exposure, the event is contamination by “x” and the next column would contain what you did for exposure and response prevention.