Daily Self Monitoring Log

The Daily Self Monitoring Log, found in Chapter 6, is to help give you an idea of how much time you actually spend obsessing and ritualizing.  Obviously, it will be an estimate, since you won’t be able to perfectly record all you do.  It has 6 columns.  The first two columns are for you to record the date and time the event occurred.  The next column is the event that prompted you to ritualize or avoid. It can be something that happened, e.g., “I saw a red spot on the ground and thought it was blood,” or mental, e.g., “I had thoughts of hurting my wife.” You should be very brief in writing this down.  Again, it is okay if you don’t get every event. The next column is labeled ritual; briefly, how did you respond to the event: with avoidance or rituals? The next column is time spent B how much time did you lose to ritualizing?  The last column is an anxiety rating scale.  You can use 1- 10 or 1 – 100.  Remember, you can’t put a higher number than the top of the scale and if you do use the top rating, you are saying this is the worst you could feel.