ERP Motivators I and II

ERP Motivators I and II in Chapter 7 are two very important forms.  Often when confronted with a naturally occurring exposure or even the idea of treatment, you are immediately flooded with your fears of why taking the risk seems too overwhelming, and outside of wanting to get better, all of your reasons for doing so are forgotten.  The ERP Motivator I is the place for you to record everything you’ve lost to OCD.  It is very important to be detailed.  So rather than saying you’ve lost jobs or been late to events, describe in painful detail what you lost.  ERP Motivator II is similar to ERP Motivator I, except now you are to record all of the ways you have hurt your family.  It does not matter if hurting them was not your intention.  The more painful these forms feel, the better, because that is going to be part of your motivation to confront your OCD.